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Enhance Technology Advances on Green Storage
With the need to save energy and going green, Enhance Technology, Inc. is determined and proud to lead this effort. Saving for the future is a top priority for Enhance Technology, and our products are not only powerful and reliable but also efficient and eco-friendly. It is not only a social responsibility but a necessity for Enhance Technology to provide a greener computing environment for its customers. Features such as Storage Virtualization, Auto Spin-Down RAID controllers, and RoHS components are just some of the features that Enhance Technology is currently providing to our customers. Enhance Technology is also committed in an on-going project to reduce power consumption and heat in our power supplies installed inside the Storage Array by using 80 Plus certified efficiency power supplies.

Storage devices from Enhance Technology are compatible with Storage Virtualization which allows you to use a single server as though it were multiple servers....[ more ]


Auto-spin down compatibility is already available for Enhance Technology products. Instead of hard drives constantly running even when there are no processes required, Enhance Technology ensures that energy will only be used when required.


Reducing e-waste is important to preserving the environment. Enhance Technology only utilizes RoHS components during the manufacturing process to keep e-waste at a minimum without compromising the performance needed for everyday use...[ more ]


Enhance Technology will be using 80 Plus certified power supplies. This ensures excellent energy efficiency to save you money on your energy bill as well as save energy for the future....[ more ]

ES3160TG| High Availability 10G iSCSI Dual RAID Controller Storage Solution

Enhance Technology redefines high availability with the introduction of the UltraStor™ ES3160TG, a powerful and easy to use dual active controller 10G iSCSI SAN storage solution. It delivers best-in-class performance and reliability to meet the toughest SMB/SME business......[ more ]

ES3160FS | Enterprise 4G Fibre Channel RAID
Storage Solution

The UltraStor™ ES3160FS is equipped with Dual Active-Active RAID controllers for maximum data protection and data high-availability. Featuring 2x 4G Fibre Channel per controller, users can attach ES3160FS to multiple servers to ensure data accessibility ......[ more ]

RS16IP-4 | iSCSI Quad-port GbE-to-SATA 16-Disk RAID Storage System

The UltraStor™ RS16IP-4 SAN ARRAY Quad GbE iSCSI storage system has a compact 3U 16-disk SATA HDD rackmount design that brings 4x GbE iSCSI ports, RAID-6 feature, enterprise-class Snapshot, and affordable iSCSI SAN solution to SMB.....[ more ]

RS8IP-4 | iSCSI-to-SATA 8-Disk RAID Storage System

Enhance Technology is proud to introduce the new RS8IP-4, designed for high-impact and high-volume network storage environments. The RS8 IP-4 is the new standard for RAID protected storage in the market Utilizing the high-performance SAS and cost-effective 3Gbps SATA disks,.....[ more ]

ES3160P4 | Enterprise 8 GbE iSCSI RAID
Storage Solution

The UltraStor™ ES3160P4 is equipped with Dual Active-Active RAID controllers for maximum data protection and data high-availability. Featuring 4x GbE iSCSI per controller, users can attach ES3160P4 to multiple servers to ensure data accessibility .....[ more ]

ES3160SS | Enterprise 6G SAS Storage Slolution

The Ultrastor ES3160SS is a 6G SAS RAID storage array that combines intelligence and automation with fault tolerance to provide simplified administration, rapid deployment, enterprise performance and reliability, and seamless scalability.......[ more ]

RS16FS | Fibre-to-SAS/SATA 16-Disk RAID
Storage System

The UltraStor™ RS16FS represents the pinnacle of hybrid I/O technology. UltraStor RS16 FS opens the door to the world of high performance computing by accepting both high performance SAS disks and high capacity 3Gb SATA disks with next generation ........[ more ]

RS8FS | 4G Fibre-to-SAS 8-Disk RAID Storage System

The UltraStor™ RS8FS 4Gb Fibre SAS storage system is designed to operate in performance, mission critical, and data intensive network environments. Compatible with industry standard SFP interface with copper or optical connection, hot-swappable drive trays,.....[ more ]

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