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The RS16 IP-4 allows Happy Jack Software to have several LUNS’s
to use as iSCSI targets from their ESXi servers

The Challenge

Happy Jack Software specializes in web-based software and rich internet applications that provide enterprise solutions for a wide range of organizations.

Happy Jack Software was moving most of their systems to a virtual Infrastructure to try to consolidate their servers so they would take up less rack space for more systems. They were looking for a good back-end for network based storage for their virtual machine images and chose Enhance Technology’s RS16 IP-4 iSCSI storage system because they have been a valued customer of Enhance Technology for many years and they felt confident to purchase Enhance Technology’s products.

Happy Jack Software wanted a system with RAID 50 that would be expanded in the future and they realized that the RS16 IP-4 would do that. In addition, getting the RS16 IP-4 was cost-effective for Happy Jack Software because the RS16 IP-4 would use standard gigabit switches rather than getting the expensive Fibre Channel hardware for their servers.

The Solution

Happy Jack Software diagram

The RS16 IP-4 allows Happy Jack Software to have several LUNS’s to use as iSCSI targets from their ESXi servers. It also has a backend interface that would allow them to attach another similar box to the RS16 IP-4 so they could easily expand their disk space.

The implementation of RS16 IP-4 was simple for Happy Jack Software; they did talk to Enhance Technology’s tech support for iSCSI setup with their new VMware ESXi system. “Enhance Technology’s support were very helpful, after talking with them, we got everything up and running without a hitch,” says Ian, System Administrator of Happy Jack Software.

As for the system and application setup, Happy Jack Software is running windows 2003 on two to three servers and probably around 20 Cent OS/ RedHat Enterprise Linux servers. Also, they used 2x IBM x3650 servers loaded up with 2x Quad Core Xeon processors and stacked with 48GB of memory each. They also used 2x intel pro/1000 PT network interfaces per server to connect to their back-end switched that handle the communication from the iSCSI to the ESXi servers. Happy Jack Software had a fully separated back-end using 4x switches, 1 for each interface on the iSCSI & the 2x Intel network interfaces in the ESXi servers. “The support has been great, always very responsive and they know what they are talking about. A pleasure to work with them,” states Ian.

“Working with Enhance Technology we found that RS16 IP-4 had everything we wanted. Easy to use management interface (web based). Simple setup with VMware ESXi 4x, good hardware support, dual power supplies, etc…” says Ian.

“The RS16 IP-4 has been great so far. We have been using the system for about a year now and have not had a single disk fail. The built in email notifications are really nice and the hardware has really lived up to its hype. We currently have 2x ESXi, 4x servers connecting to the RS16 IP-4 with around 25 servers running from the iSCSI,” says Ian.

About Ian and Happy Jack Software

Happy Jack SoftwareIan is the system administrator for Happy Jack Software. Happy Jack Software builds custom software for a number of businesses and also provides some consulting and off-site hosting for several clients.

Happy Jack Software img

Happy Jack Software img

Happy Jack Software img

About UltraStor RS16 IP-4

Enhance Technology’s UltraStor RS 16 IP-4 SAN Array feature industry-leading performance using Intel IOP platform with dual or quad channel GbE iSCSI ports generating up to 400MB/sec throughput. By connecting to one dedicated host system, the Enhance’s UltraStor RS16 IP-4 allows multiple users to read and write from the storage using SAN Management software from other workstations connected to the ethernet network.

The UltraStor RS16 IP-4 GbE iSCSI storage solutions are verified by VMware ESX Servers for storage virtualization which let you aggregate memory, storage and networking resources into multiple virtual machines. The combination of VMware’s storage virtualization and Enhance Technology’s GbE iSCSI professional RAID protected storage systems allow users to make the best use of their existing storage to improve resource utilization. VMware allows IT customers various benefits such as less energy consumption, simplify management, and flexible & scalable network storage environment for enterprise & SMB.

Storage virtualization is part of the Enhance’s ongoing efforts to go green, and the efficient setup of using VMware ESX server along with the Enhance’s UltraStor IP Storage Arrays directly contribute to savings on IT operating cost. As the leader in server virtualization, VMware provides users for saving overall cost by its green nature with fewer servers required, reducing downtime and energy usage, while increasing flexibility and the efficiency of the storage subsystems. Working together with VMware, Enhance strives to achieve high power efficiency and performance while minimizing total operating costs and ownership.

Enhance VMware Storage Virtualization

UltraStor RS16 IP4UltraStor RS16 IP-4 Features & Benefits:

  • 3U, 16 SAS/SATA disks external storage
  • Multiple RAID configuration options
  • Embedded hardware RAID controller
  • One logical volume shared by as many as 16 hosts
  • Windows MPIO Certified
  • Hot swappable components
  • Secure control panel with backlit LCD
  • Host access control & CHAP
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