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UltraShare NAS 8000 P4
  • Overview
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Storing and delivering content across the Internet is one of the biggest uses of cloud-based storage. Enhance Technology designs and develops storage solutions that address the needs for cloud storage publically and privately. Enhance Technology’s cloud validated storage solutions are ideal for content access and distribution by companies with multiple time zones and locations.

Designed for Cloud Ready Data Centers & Storage Virtualization

Enhance works closely with data centers and technology partners worldwide with its UltraStor RS professional & ES high availability storage solutions to develop cloud storage solutions that can be operated and managed from one central location. It enables businesses to secure, backup, and restore data in cloud environments and offers a high performance, high reliability and cost effective solution for cloud service providers such as SaaS (Software as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Today’s data center networks are under tremendous pressure to increase efficiencies, improve agility, and scalability while meeting budget constraints continue to place great stress on IT organizations. The benefits of a more efficient, flexible, and scalable storage is essentials to data center and cloud environments. The UltraStor ES / RS & UltraShare NAS Series cloud ready storage solutions can tackle critical data storage needs while keeping your budget in check.

Enhance Technology Cloud Ready Storage Solutions

Successful Implementations

The UltraStor is widely deployed as online (ES Series) and offline (RS Series) storage associating with critical storage applications such as Clustering, SAN, Virtualization a& Cloud applications cross data centers, defense industry, research institutes and Fortune 500 clients, etc. The newly engineered UltraShare enterprise NAS line used as gateways offers front-end access to the cloud storage for uploading and downloading. While moving large data over the Internet can still be an issue for businesses, shipping inexpensive physical storage device such as Iostor (w/ redundancy) or EnhanceRAID (w/o redundancy) can be a faster alternative.

Industry Recognition

Enhance is also consistently touted as a relevant solution by industry peers, editors and reviewers worldwide and its cloud ready storage solutions, the UltraStor & UltraShare Series have won various awards including CRN’s “Test Center Recommended”, eWEEK “Editor’s Recommended”, to the GovSec 2010 IP Video Award.

Industry’s Most Complete Cloud Storage Solutions

FAST PCFast PC Networks is an online backup and managed services company in which they help customers manage on-site business and hosted environment, and also serve as a solution provider to organizations supported by their engineering team. Fast PC Networks utilizes Enhance’s UltraStor SAN storage solution to run VMware on top of that for backup solutions, web hosting, e-mail and store data on SAN virtualized cloud environment.


“We chose this specific product because of its great performance versus other iSCSI SAN, and the throughput works really good at a tremendous saving”
John Tourloukis
FAST PC diagram

Cloud Storage Case 2

GeniSys Global utilizes UltraStor ES3160 high availability & RS16 professional storage solutions at its data center & cloud services (SaaS) to upgrade the existing infrastructure with high performance DAS & SAN storage with expandability while meeting the budget. The cloud storage solutions involves 2x sets of Enhance Technology’s UltraStor RS16IP-4 + RS16JS expansion arrays connected to Microsoft Exchange Servers as well as Presentation Server for online backup and UltraStor ES3160SS-D directly connected to Microsoft SharePoint® which stores every files using the SQL as backend.

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