• Power. Performance. Features.
    All-Flash, All-Disk, and Hybrid.

    Enterprise Flash & Disk Storage with Intelligent Auto-Tiering
    and Data Caching. Achieve new levels of IT efficiency and
    storage power with ULTRASTOR ES5000-Series.
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  • Features. Performance. Value.
    All-Flash, Hybrid and Caching.

    The first affordable, high-availability, hybrid flash & disk solution
    for small business. Enjoy the highest level of data protection and
    performance with the new ULTRASTOR ES3200.
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  • Speed. Capacity. Reliability.
    Performance-driven Storage.

    The Proavio V2 desktop storage array delivers high reliability,
    superior performance for demanding 4K workflows and Thunderbolt
    compatability. Create, edit, grade and render 4K video & VFX.
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