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Product Overview

The EnhanceRAID E400FR is a full-featured compact 4-bay desktop RAID solution for professionals who demand high-performance and exceptional data protection. Offering up to 8TB of capacity and superior transfer rates through either FireWire 800, 400 or eSATA 3Gb/s or USB interfaces for both PC or Mac computers. Designed to be simple and efficient, the EnhanceRAID E400FR features cable-less backplane and modular I/O bridge-board for easy serviceability and system maintenance. Offering true hardware RAID-5 data protection, the EnhanceRAID E400FR is the ideal desktop storage solution for digital content producers, Graphic designers and SOHO users to run advance applications and backup while adding ingenious style on the desktop with minimal space usage.

RAID Protection

The EnhanceRAID E400FR is built with the latest RAID technology. Utilizing a true hardware RAID engine, the EnhanceRAID E400FR is pre-configured in RAID-5 for full protection. Preventing data loss and keeping your data accessible even if one disk fails. The rebuilding of the RAID volume takes place automatically after you replaced the failure disks without affecting the workflow.

Cable-less Backplane

The EnhanceRAID E400FR keeps your workloads and critical applications running with minimum hardware failure through the user friendly physical enclosure management, specifically its cable-less backplane, designed to prevent signal degradation and latency while decreasing chances of hardware failure. By eliminating the cables inside the system, and replacing LED cables with light pips on the hot-swappable disk trays, the EnhanceRAID E400FR is more reliable making it the most viable desktop RAID-5 storage solution available.

Modular Components Design

The E400FR incorporates modular designed I/O bridge-board and hot-swappable cooling fan. These unique features make storage system maintenance much easier than ever. Now users are able to make parts replacement easily on the field and clean the system cooling fan without system shut-down.

Eco-Friendly System

The EnhanceRAID E400FR is powered by 80 PLUS Energy-Efficient 200W power supply that helps users cut down utility cost and reduce system maintenance cost due to the decreased on power consumption. With the special designed noise-reduced system cooling fan, the EnhanceRAID E400FR is the eco-friendly desktop storage that easily integrates into any work environments.

Peace of Mind Service Plan

Customers can count on Enhance Technology’s customer support and world-wide based service centers for any type of assistance with his/her Enhance storage products. The EnhanceRAID E400FR includes a standard 3-year warranty. If you buy EnhanceRAID E400FR with hard disks populated solution, a one year ARP (Advance Replacement Package) is included for FREE.

Key Features

  • Desktop 4-bay compact enclosure with stylish aluminum finish
  • SATA II hard disks are supported for mass capacity
  • FireWire 800 & 400/eSATA/USB quad interfaces for universal connectivity
  • Native hardware RAID-5 and automatic system rebuilding prevent data loss
  • Cable-less backplane design improves system reliability and performance
  • Modular & Hot-swappable components for easy field maintenance
  • Eco-friendly 80 PLUS Energy-efficient PSU with low noise cooling fan
  • PC & Mac OS fully compatible


Model: EnhanceRAID E400FR

- E400FR (0TB) >>Click Here for E400FR HDD Compatibility List
- E400FR-F4T (4TB)
- E400FR-F8T (8TB)


Hard Disks:
- Number: 4
- Interface: SATA II
- RPM: 7200 RMP
- Cache: 32MB per drive
Host Interfaces:
- FireWire 800 x 2
- FireWire 400 x 1
- eSATA 3Gb/s x 1
- Mini USB 2.0 x 1
Form Factor:
4-disk compact desktop tower
Hardware RAID-5 Controller
Hot-swappability :
- 4 Hot-swappable drive trays
- 1 Hot-swappable cooling fan
- Easy-to-use LED controller control panel in the front
- Real-time system rebuild status count down indicator
- Hardware failure sensor and notification alarm
Supported Operating System:
- Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008
- Windows XP / Vista / 7
- Mac OSX
- Linux
Physical & Environment:
- Operating Temperature 10°C ~ 35°C
- Non-Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
- Relative Humidity 20% to 90% non-condensing
Power Supply:
- 80 PLUS Engergy-Efficient power supply (Standard)
- AC input: 90 ~ 264 VAC, 47Hz ~ 63Hz
- Output: 200W
- 200W 80 PLUS power supply
- AC Input: 90-264V 47/63 Hz
- Hot-swappable 8cm high-speed SMART fans
Dimension (H x W x D): 7" x 5.25" x 9.25"
Weight (w/o disks): 12 lbs without HDD, 20 lbs with HDD (Both weights include boxes, cables and foams)
Safety Regulations: CE, FCC, UL, RoHS
Package Include:
- EnhanceRAID E400FR
- 1 FireWire800 cable
- 1 Mini USB cable
- 1 eSATA cable
- One standard power cord
- Quick Install Guide
- 3 years limited


Single ChannelPerformance
Dual ChannelPerformance
Dual ChannelPerformance
Dual ChannelPerformance


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Available Models

E400FR Front
  SKU: E400FR
Click Here for E400FR HDD Compatibility List
E400FR Front
  SKU: E400FR-F4T
E400FR Front
  SKU: E400FR-F8T


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