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EnhanceRAID R14 3U 14 disks rackmount storage  
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Product Overview
A Pioneer and leader in hybrid I/O technologies, Enhance Technology introduces the storage appliance R14, a 3U rack mountable RAID storage system with built-in OS transparent RAID engine that targets video editing professionals, studio & production houses, and broadcast workgroups for power editing usage. The EnhanceRAID™ R14 features a next generation 64-bit Scale Core storage processor capable of sustaining data rates over 265MB/Sec, and offers a cutting edge "web-based" user interface which provides complete storage control over a standard web browser. The EnhanceRAID R14 features Ultra320 SCSI host interfaces with support for a total of fourteen (14) Serial ATA I/II disks, and can be configured into two channels, commanding seven (7) disks each under one RAID controller. The R14 system is ideal for database, e-mail server backup, etc.
Versatile RAID Storage Module
EnhanceRAID R14 provides a transparent and driverless method of connecting external RAID protected storage to an editing workstation, regardless of your operating system or hardware, and provides the fastest, simplest, safest way to professional editing. Not only the EnhanceRAID R14 protects the digital data with various levels of RAID protections such as basic 0,1,3,5, etc, but it also protects at the advanced RAID 6 level.
next generation storage engine
Performance Powered by the latest Intel IOP80331 storage processor, the EnhanceRAID™ R14 system produces an outstanding 265MB/s speed to satisfy for users with large video editing, data backup or recovery, and archiving projects.
EnhanceRAID R6 Image
Industry Proven SATALINK Technology
The EnhanceRAID R14 system was built on the world-known hybrid I/O technology, the SATALink™, a SCSI-to-SATA converging technology pioneered by Enhance Technology to bring low-cost SATA disks to the broadband high performance computing environments. The SATALink™ hybrid I/O technology has been since helped resellers and integrators to offer more cost/effective storage solution to the end customers.
Product Specifications
>Form Factor
3U Rackmount Form Factor
3U Rackmount Form Factor
>RAID engine
Single RAID Controller
Dual RAID Controller
>Disk Interface
>Memory Configuration
1 GB Catch
1 GB cache x 2

>Number of Disks Supported

Up to 14
Up to 14


Over 265 MB/sec
Over 350 MB/sec

>Disk Channel

Single (14) or Dual (7x2)
Dual Channel (7 per channel)

>Power Supply

Single PS2 400Watt
Redundant 2x460 Watt
Single PS2 400Watt
Redundant 2x460 Watt

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Features & Benifits
  • Hardware RAID Intel 80331 500Mhz 64-bit RISC Processor
  • Host Bandwidth Ultra320 SCSI and backward compatible
  • Disk Supported Serial ATA I&II at 3.0 Gbp/s
  • Built in remote access for event log and e-mail notification
  • RAID levels supported 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 50, 60 & JBOD
  • Support on-line volume expansion & migration
  • Support multiple RAID volumes & instant availability
  • Optional features include RAID 6