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Workgroup Storage Systems
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Desktop iSCSI Storage

EnhanceRAID E400IP | iSCSI Storage

Desktop 4-bay iSCSI | E400IP

Offering a new level of performance, ease-of-use and functionality in a powerful, scale-out, desktop storage solution. Featuring a dual GbE iSCSI interface and cross-platform web management allows the E400IP to seamlessly integrate into any existing gigabit networks at a fraction of the cost.

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USB, FireWire & eSATA RAID

USB3.0, FireWire800, eSATA RAID & JBOD Storage | EnhanceRAID E500FR
Desktop 5-Bay USB3.0 JBOD | E500FR

Next generation multi-interface desktop array for workgroups and departmental data backup. Featuring the latest USB 3.0 universal connectivity, in-band GUI management and flexible RAID 0, 1, 5 & JBOD configurations.

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USB, FireWire, eSATA RAID-5 Storage | EnhanceRAID E400FR
Desktop 4-Bay USB, FireWire RAID-5 Storage | E400FR

A 4-bay desktop RAID-5 solution for professionals who demand exceptional data protection. Featuring up to 12TB of capacity, cable-less backplane and universal connectivity, including FW400/800, eSATA and USB for PC and Mac.

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Desktop miniSAS Direct Attach JBOD Storage

miniSAS JBOD Storage | EnhanceRAID E400MS
Desktop 4-Bay miniSAS JBOD Storage | E400MS

With the next generation Mini SAS interface for high-performance, the E400MS offers efficient, powerful storage solution and unique distinguishing features, including cable-less backplane, modular components design and much more.

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Desktop miniSAS JBOD Storage | EnhanceRAID E800MS
Desktop 8-bay miniSAS JBOD Storage | E800MS

The most reliable E800MS, designed with cable-less backplane technology offers an enormous amount of storage capacity in 8-bay Mini SAS interface storage, and capable for professional-quality HD video editing on both PC and Mac.

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