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Rackmount Workgroup Storage Systems
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Rackmount 6G SAS JBOD Storage

3U 16 disks 6G SAS JBOD Storage | Proavio™ IS316JS
3U 16-bay 6G SAS JBOD Storage | IS316JS

A groundbreaking direct attached storage array that combines a high-speed 6Gb/s dual-port SAS interface, professional grade redundant & hot-swappable components with a 12Gb/s storage expansion bus.

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2U 8 disks miniSAS JBOD Storage | R8MS
2U 8-bay miniSAS direct attached storage | R8MS

Combining high quality, high performance, and high capacity in a 2U 8-Bay rackmount storage solution. Featuring easy-of-use MiniSAS direct attached connectivity, the R8MS can be configured as a JBOD or RAID protected storage for backup, video surveillance, and video editing.

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1U 4 disks Rackmount miniSAS Storage | R4MS
1U Rackmount 4-bay miniSAS JBOD Storage | R4MS

Affordable 1U 4-Bay rackmount storage solution, offers up to 12TB of capacity, high performance and direct attached MiniSAS connectivity. The R4MS is designed for making data backup easy, fast and reliable.

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Cost Effective 1U, 2U Rackmount RAID Storage

2U 12 disks Rackmount iSCSI Storage | IS212P4
2U Rackmount 12-Bay iSCSI SAN storage | IS212P4

Bring enterprise-class features, intelligence and performance to departmental and SMBs at an affordable price. The IS212P4 iSCSI SAN meets SMB storage needs with simplified administration, easy to use, and high performance, while providing solid data protection and scalability.

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2U 8-Bay Rackmount RAID Storage | EnhanceRAID R8
2U Rackmount 8 disks RAID storage | R8

Designed for satisfying today's SMBs and Workgroups backup storage needs, the R8 Series blends high-performance, high capacity and reliability together in a sturdy 2U rackmount.

2U Rackmount 8 disks SAS RAID storage | R8SS 2U Rackmount 8 disks SCSI RAID storage | R8SC
1U 4-Bay Rackmount RAID Storage | EnhanceRAID R4
1U Rackmount 4 disks RAID storage | R4

Designed to be simple and affordable, the R4 Series is the first generation of Enhance Technology rackmount RAID storage for SOHO and SMBs to backup data for laptops and desktop workstations.

1U Rackmount 4 disks SAS RAID storage | R4SS 1U Rackmount 4 disks SCSI RAID storage | R4SC




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