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Professional Audio/Video Storage Solutions

Proavio™ IS316JS

A groundbreaking direct attached storage array that combines a high-speed 6Gb/s dual-port SAS interface, professional grade redundant & hot-swappable components with a 12Gb/s storage expansion bus allowing the addition of multiple IS316JS arrays.

Proavio™ EB400MS

4 disk 3Gb SATA/SAS JBOD storage solution designed for high resolution audio HDV, SD and HD-based video production. EB400MS offers multi-terabyte capacity options for full-length projects, and broadcast quality media support, including HDV and uncompressed 10-bit SD video.

Proavio™ EB800MS

World-class SATA/SAS storage solution designed for high resolution uncompressed HD & 2K production. Get performance and reliability in a high-quality 8-disk MiniSAS array with new SFF8088 MiniSAS interface.

Proavio™ S8MS

High performance 2U 8-disk MiniSAS studio-quality mobile storage for pro audio, multitrack music production and HD. Featuring hot-swappable disk allows for quick drive exchanges, capacity upgrades and routine disk maintenance.

Proavio™ EB400FR
Videomaker's BEST RAID of ther Year 2011

The first professional multi-interface, desktop RAID array designed for today's digital lifestyle. Featuring a small foot-print aluminum tower design and Zero-noise cooling, the EB400FR is the ideal RAID-5 storage solution for home and project studios working with high resolution digital media.

Proavio™ S4FR

A new breed of studio-ready RAID-5 mobile storage for pro audio, multitrack music production and HD video. Now with Quad-interface. Features Proavio's low-noise cooling technology.

Proavio™ S4UF

Design for today's professional recording studios, mobile music production and emerging solid-state HD video production.

Proavio™ S2UF

Easy-to-use mobile FireWire storage designed for use with digital content creation & desktop media production suites.

Proavio EditBOX Series

Proavio™ EB8MS

The next generation EditBOX offers world-class performance, leading 3Gb/s SAS/SATA interface design and industry-proven system compatibility. Featuring an improved internal system architecture and MiniSAS (SFF8088) connectivity, EB8MS delivers improved data integrity and increased performance.

Proavio™ EB8ML

The world's first SAS-ready, Multi-Lane SATA storage solution designed for content creation professionals who have outgrown their current array of external FireWire drives, and are ready to explore the world of high-resolution media.

Proavio™ EB8PM

The EB8-PM provides the ultimate solution for those application requiring extremely high performance coupled with massive amounts of storage capacity.




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