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UltraStor Enterprise
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arrow High-Availability 10GbE iSCSI SAN

Enhance Technology redefines high availability with the introduction of the UltraStor™ ES3160TG, a powerful and easy to use dual active controller 10GbE iSCSI SAN storage solution. It delivers best-in-class performance and reliability to meet the toughest SMB/SME business continuity requirements. Simple & powerful management console reduces deployment time & increases productivity. ES3160TG is expandable & scalable to over 192TB via 3x ES3160JS enterprise JBOD storage system to meet your future growth requirements.ES3160 P4 Back

Modular Components Design for
Easy Field Replacement & Serviceability
Dual Active-active Controller
Removable I/O Modular Design
Hot-swappable Fan Modules
Redundant Hot-swap PSU
ES3160 P4 Controller

arrow Expand Your Business Capabilities

Professional ManagementThe ES3160TG hosts up to 48TB of capacity utilizing sixteen (16) hot-swappable disk trays. Its intelligent RAID controller supports online RAID group/volume expansion and RAID migration. Unlike many storage systems, the ES3160TG can easily grow far beyond the “limitations” of its drive capacity and expand with additional RAID protected storage expansion. ES3160TG is scalable up to 192TB (RAW) with the 3 x ES3160JS SAS expansion JBOD storage systems and the new 3TB SAS enterprise HDDs.

Professional Management

arrow Powerful Storage Management

Managing an ES3160TG storage system is easy with its cross platform user friendly GUI management. The intuitive web based interface helps manage, monitor and control the system and its expansion units via a standard web browser anytime anywhere and receive real time system notification through Email without additional software.

arrow Energy-Efficient & Eco-Friendly

Professional ManagementThe ES3160TG equips with energy-efficient 80-Plus 500W dual redundant power supply to keep your workloads and critical applications running without interruption and ensure system reliability and data availability. The ES3160TG is environmental friendly that helps to reduce operating cost resulting in reduction on total cost of ownership. Besides the green power suppliers, Enhance Technology continues its initiative on implementation of green technologies with features like auto disk spin-down, field replaceable component modules.

arrow Highest Level of Service & Support

Enhance Technology not only delivers high performance and reliability on the UltraStor ES Series HA storage systems but also backing it up with its preferred service and support plan. The plan comes with standard 3-year depot repair warranty, 1-year Advance Replacement Program, 1-Year Loaner Unit and optional On-Site Support program.

arrow Key Features

Delivers big time performance, offering an easier and lower cost option to Fibre Channel
Dual active RAID protected SAN storage system ensures lower latency and access times
3TB SAS HDD validated creating 16TB in 1U of storage space
10G iSCSI bandwidth producing over 1000MB/sec throughput for high speed computing
Optimized for both GbE & 10G network infrastructure for easy integration & future upgrade
Smooth scale over 190TB disk storage space meeting your business growth requirements
Mixing drive types in one storage array to meet multiple applications requirements
Intelligent & automated management console minimizes tedious administrative tasks
Reducing future IT expenses by managing a growing pool of storage via single user interface
Dual redundant 500W or 600W 80-Plus power supply and energy efficient components contributing to increase on productivity and profitability
Ideal for highly transactional applications – data centers, video streaming, database backup
VMware ESXi 5 Certified for storage virtualization and cloud computing
Highest service level with 3-year standard warranty & 1-year advanced replacement program

How ES3160TG Can Work for You

Fault Tolerance
Fault Tolerance
Provide users for dual active RAID protection, high 10G iSCSI bandwidth, high-availability, load-balancing and superior performance. ES3160TG minimized system downtime with clustering.
[View Configuration Diagram]
Certified by Microsoft Multi path I/O, ES3160TG offers high-performance 4x 10G through 8xGbE iSCSI connectivity and makes high capacity storage available shared in SAN environments by multiple numbers of servers for D2D backup.
[View Configuration Diagram]
The UltraStor ES3160TG is VMware ESXi 5 certified 10G iSCSI storage. Offering high performance and high availability for VMware virtualized environment and applications. The UltraStor ES3160TG’s expandability allows users to add more storage capacity to the VMs as their business grow, while helping organizations lower IT cost, simplify operations and improve resource utilization.
[VMware ESXi 5 Certified]

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arrow Specifications

UltraStor ES3160TG
Hard Disks

Interface: SAS
RPM:7200 RPM or 15K RPM
Cache:32MB per drive
Capacity: 300GB/450GB/600GB/1TB/2TB/3TB (SAS);

Host Interface 2-port GbE iSCSI + 1-port SAS expansion per controller
Form Factor 3U 16-bay rackmount
RAID 0,1,0+1,3,5,6,10,30,50,60 & JBOD
Up to 1024 logical volumes in the system ;
Up to 32 Physical Disks can be included in one RAID group;
Up to 512 Snap Shot;
Rollback mechanism ;
Microsoft VSS compliant ;
Global and dedicated hot spare disks ;
Supports multiple RAID array and volumes;
Online volume expansion;
Online disk roaming;
Flexible RAID group (RG) ownership management;
Controller Intel IOP 81342 1.2GHz
2x 10GbE ports per controller
4GB DDRII 533 DIMM Per Controller (8GB Total)
UARTs for serial console management and UPS
Dedicated Fast Ethernet port For Web-UI
LCM supported for easy management use
Battery Backup Unit (Optional)
Storage Expansion Supports multiple enclosures daisy-chain expansion via SFF-8088 port;
Hot-swappability 16 Hot-swappable drive trays;
Dual hot-swappable power supplies;
Three hot-swappable fan modules;
Management Management UI via: Serial console, SSH telnet, or HTTP Web UI;
Event notification via: Email, SNMP trap, Browser, Syslog;
Online system firmware upgrade mechanism;
iSNS & DHCP support;
CHAP authentication mechanism support;
Supported OS

Windows Server 2003 / 2003R2 / 2008 R2
Windows XP / Vista / 7
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Sun Solaris 10
Mac OS X

Physical & Environment Operating Temperature 10°C ~ 35°C;
Non-Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C;
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Power & Cooling Dual redundant 500W 80 PLUS power supply;
AC Input: 100-240V 8~5A 47/63 Hz;
PSU failure indicate sensor;
3 x hot-swappable high-speed SMART fans;
Dimension (H x W x D) 5.25" x 19" x 21.5"
Weight (w/o disks) 65 Lbs
Safety Regulations CE, FCC
Warranty - 3-Year Standard Warranty
- 1-Year ARP (Advance Parts Replacement)
- 2-Year Standard Warranty Extension (Optional)
- 2-Year ARP Extension (Optional)
Package Included - One (1x) pcs 3U 16-disk Rackmount Enclosure
- Sixteen (16x) pcs Hot-Swap Removable HDD w/Trays (Installed)
- Three (3x) pcs Hot-swappable cooling fans (Installed)
- Dual Redundant 500 Watt Power Supply (Installed)
- One (1x) set mounting bracket - Double-Box Protection
- Heavy Duty Foam Protection
- User Manual CD
- Screws for Mounting Hard Drives
- One Standard Power Cord
- Package Weight: 100 Lbs - Package Dimension (H x W x D): 12” x 28” x 32”

arrow Expand Your Business Capabilities

The ES3160TG hosts up to 48TB of capacity utilizing sixteen (16) hot-swappable disk trays. Its intelligent RAID controller supports online RAID group/volume expansion and RAID migration. Unlike many storage systems, the ES3160TG can easily grow far beyond the "limitations" of its drive capacity and expand with additional RAID protected storage expansion. ES3160TG is scalable up to 192TB (RAW) with the 3 x ES3160JS SAS expansion JBOD storage systems and the new 3TB SAS enterprise HDDs.

Click here to learn more about UltraStor ES3160JS SAS expansion JBOD storage system.

ES3160 P4 Back

arrow Performance & Benchmark

Throughput MB/s
R: 610 MB/s
W: 480 MB/s
R: 600 MB/s
W: 470 MB/s
R: 600 MB/s
W: 460 MB/s
R: 670 MB/s
W: 510 MB/s
R: 610 MB/s
W: 490 MB/s
R: 650 MB/s
W: 500 MB/s
R: 1200 MB/s
W: 750 MB/s
R: 1250 MB/s
W: 755 MB/s
R: 1200 MB/s
W: 755 MB/s
R: 1225 MB/s
W: 800 MB/s
R: 1225 MB/s
W: 800 MB/s
R: 1225 MB/s
W: 800 MB/s
R: 100 MB/s
W: 90 MB/s
R:98 MB/s
W:83 MB/s
R:85 MB/s
W:85 MB/s
R: 98 MB/s
W: 85 MB/s
W:85 MB/s
W:83 MB/s
R: 190 MB/s
W: 160 MB/s
R: 190 MB/s
W:160 MB/s
W:160 MB/s
R: 225 MB/s
W: 175 MB/s
R:225 MB/s
W:175 MB/s
R:225 MB/s

arrow Documents

[462 KB]

Available Models

UltraStor ES Series Primary Dual-Controller RAID System
  UltraStor ES3160TG
UltraStor ES Series SAS JBOD Expansion System
  UltraStor ES3160JS
UltraStor ES Series Pre-Configured Drive Packs Note: Up to 4 Drive Packs per System
HDD: 4x300GB SAS
HDD: 4x450GB SAS
HDD: 4x600GB SAS
UltraStor ES Series Accessories & Spare Parts 
  • UltraStor ES3160 battery backup unit module | SKU: ES3160-BBU
  • UltraStor ES3160 80+ 600W redundant power supply module | SKU: PS1600G
  • UltraStor ES3160 spare fan module | SKU: ES3160-F
  • UltraStor ES3160 spare redundant power supply module | SKU: PS1500G/ES
  • UltraStor ES3160 spare fan and redundant power supply models | SKU: ES3160-SK
  • UltraStor ES3160 spare hard drives
    • 1TB SAS spare drive | SKU: ES-HDDSK-1TS
    • 2TB SAS spare drive | SKU: ES-HDDSK-2TS
    • 3TB SAS spare drive | SKU: ES-HDDSK-3TS
    • 300GB SAS spare drive | SKU: ES-HDDSK-300GS
    • 450GB SAS spare drive | SKU: ES-HDDSK-450GS
    • 600GS SAS spare drive | SKU: ES-HDDSK-600GS
  • UltraStor ES3160TG spare 10G iSCSI controller | SKU: ES3160CC-TG
  • 5M optical cable | SKU: LC-LC/5M
  • SFP+ 10G transceiver module | SKU: SFP10G/F

arrow Image Gallery

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